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Livin’ Lovin’ Diva!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

K, so I have been doing a raw green smoothie detox for a month now and am feeling a little divaish! Here is a video and the words to a fun song that Stacey Terry wrote from the Green Smoothie Queen, it is so cute! Enjoy and read the words as you listen! Real Raw foods do make you feel happy and healthy inside and out and has a great bonus to help with great looking skin, hair and a fit body! Just sayin’!!!!!!!!?

Livin’ Diva

by Stacey Terry

Come a little closer, little to my lips
Tap those little toes and start to sway those hips
Yeah, that’s the way (more…)

Be The Change *look Inside first*

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Have you ever felt inadequate?

I have.

Have you ever felt small?

I have.



Monday, December 13th, 2010

who i am

My name is Rachel Jones.  My purpose for the is blog is to teach the things I know to be true.  I have had certain experiences in my life that has brought me on paths of decisions to make to stay to true to me or not.  I want others to learn from my mistakes and realize that we don’t have to be perfect in this imperfect world.  And that every experience we have actually is the greatest teaching tool.  I am learning from my life, and from my mistakes.  I love eating healthy, exercising and sharing great ideas with others, it is a way to be true to me, through taking care of myself.

I am a women with divine light.  I am a seeker of the truth.  I have 4 amazing children and a gorgeous husband that I love dearly.  They are the ones who help me to have those experiences in life that teach me a great deal about who I am.  I am not always the best to those that I love, but that is what is great about life….we can change….we can always learn to love differently.

So let’s start on the path of finding really who we are and learn to be true to ourselves. I am so grateful to be on the journey with you!  Enjoy!

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