5 Ways White Flour is Harmful to You!

Posted on Tuesday, 28th June, 2011

I found an article I thought I would share with you about the dangers of white refined flour.  I feel like this is so important to know!  You will understand more clearly why we as a Americans are experiencing so many health challenges.  I was first really aware with my first pregnancy when I decided I was going to stop consuming white flour and white sugar…..that was over 13 years ago and have been an advocate of this information, but only by word.  I am glad I found an article about it with so much detail and information.  I hope we all become more aware with what we are putting into our bodies. I am not saying you can never consume it but if we move away from it as our “daily bread” and only consume it on occasion, it would be much better for us than eating “glue” everyday.

Here is the Article:

We as Americans are oblivious when it comes to how foods are really affecting us, so study these out – you will find that omitting white flour from your diet is a huge step to better health!

1. White flour creates obesity with blood sugar disorders!
The more refined foods a person eats, the more insulin must be produced to manage it. Insulin promotes the storage of fat, making way for rapid weight gain and elevated triglyceride levels, which can lead to heart disease. Over time, the pancreas gets so overworked that insulin production grinds to a halt, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or diabetes sets in. Either way, the body is getting little or no fuel from the food you eat and tries to convert muscle and fat into energy.

Also, the constant refined sugar/refined flour intake places a continual stress on the adrenals to pump out balancing hormones. This, of course, ultimately weakens the adrenals making it harder and harder for them to respond as the “emergency system” they were created to be.

2. White flour creates digestive issues!
White flour has been called the “glue of the gut”. It was common for our older generation to take flour and water and make paste – that was their “glue”. In today’s world, so much food is made from these two basic components: breakfast food, snacks, pasta, bread, cereal and the list just continues. And it all turns to glue in the intestines; it is without fiber, it clogs the system, slows down digestion creating a sluggish metabolism, and can often be the cause of stress headaches and migraines.

Digestive disorders come from hard stools produced by the consumption of overly starchy foods such as white flour, which makes it very difficult to have a normal bowel movement. While it is true that when you chew food, some of the saliva will break down the starch, once it reaches the stomach, the enzymes in the stomach are incapable of breaking it down because the stomach’s pH levels are too low. Therefore it moves into the intestinal tract and turns to “glue”, lacking the fiber to move it onward.

3. White Flour can set off a wheat allergy!
Eating too much white flour can eventually set off a wheat allergy…… why? First white flour comes from a hybrid seed, grown with chemicals, stripped of nutrients and fiber, bleached white, then abundantly readily available in all meals and snack foods. Repeatedly eating too much of any food at one time, can eventually overwhelm the body’s ability to digest it fully.

An allergy may not be recognized instantly, but food allergies can cause many kinds of symptoms, from sinusitis to psychosis, from asthma to arthritis, from hyperactivity to depression, insomnia to narcolepsy – and commonly the symptoms don’t manifest immediately after eating. Frequently, wheat allergy reactions are so low grade as to be unnoticeable and may not produce an observable condition until many years of their grinding down the vital force has passed. When the condition finally appears it is hard to associate it with some food that has been consumed for years, apparently with impunity.

4. White flour can cause inflammation and chronic disease!
Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, such as sugar and white flour, are deadly poisons that have an inflammatory effect on the body. Unaware of this, the average American consumes more than 160 pounds of sugar and 200 pounds of white flour per year. Sugar and white flour increase blood sugar, and even a modest increase in blood sugar generates pro-inflammatory chemicals. Most people eat these poisons daily in the form of bread, pasta, breakfast cereal, cookies, cakes, soft drinks, candy, etc.

Many of the diseases that we think of as part of aging are actually caused by this process. Depending on the individual, the result can be arthritis, heart disease, cataracts, memory loss, wrinkled skin or diabetes complications, to name a few.

5. White flour is Acidic!
Acidity is another problem. Most Americans eat an acidic diet caused by too much salt, sugar, white flour, dairy, meat and cola drinks. Many experts consider over-acidity to be one of the major causes of chronic inflammation, and a major cause of arthritis (pure acid on the bones and joints) and other chronic illnesses. If we would instead include more fruits and vegetables in our diets, especially in a raw state, we would maintain a better alkaline balance and enjoy better health and vitality.

Watch out for the white flour – it’s not your friend!

For your best health!

Erleen Tilton is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Educator & Author

You can check her out at www.livingahealthylifestyle.com


So how do you start introducing whole grains into the diet?  What grains are good for you?  Which grains are gluten free?  I will be posting more info on these topics…..be awaiting!

RJ 🙂



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