Ahhhh.  The sound of silence.  No kids screaming.  No TV in the background.  Just me, myself, and I….until I hear my phone vibrate.  And the doorbell ring.  Oh…and now my mind is going.  What should I cook for dinner?  That shirt was on sale…I should go back and get it.  I need to be at the school at 2:45 to pick up my kid….better hurry.

Please tell me that I’m not alone in this!  How hard is it for you guys to find some peace and quiet each day?  I vowed a long time ago to make sure to set aside time each day to center myself and quiet my mind.  Here is what I’m doing to create a space JUST for me, myself, and I; a space where I can practice yoga!  Hip hip hooray!!!  (I found these tips on Style At home)

To practice yoga at home, all you really need is a mat and enough space to move freely in 360 degrees. But creating an inviting, comfortable spot, whether it’s a spare room or a corner of a room, that you can dedicate to yoga, will go a long way towards helping make your practice more intimate and more fulfilling.

What to wear

First, consider your yoga clothing. Loose, natural-fiber pieces such as a T-shirt or tank and yoga pants are ideal, since they breathe and allow unrestricted movement, but some practitioners prefer more form-fitting clothing, since it allows you to easily check your alignment. Bare feet or socks with some form of grip on the soles are preferable to shoes or regular socks.


Ideally, your yoga space should have a hard floor, such as wood, rather than a carpet. This makes it easier to hold balance poses, and natural materials such as wood and stone create an earthbound connection that enhances the spiritual element of your practice. However, some practitioners feel carpeted floors are safer should you fall. Your yoga mat should be thick enough to provide cushioning and traction during your practice. Synthetic mats are less expensive than those made from natural materials.

Remove clutter

Remove all clutter from your yoga space. Walls should be unadorned or hung with simple, uncomplicated artwork that sets a peaceful tone. Avoid wallpaper or strong colors, which can interfere with concentration. The addition of a large mirror will help you check your posture and can also assist in balance poses.


Lighting should be soft and calming. Natural sunlight is optimum, since it energizes you (especially in winter, when lack of sunlight affects both mood and health); but if the sun is too direct, consider soft sheers over the windows. At night (or if you don’t have a window in your practice space), use candles or soft incandescent light bulbs for lighting. Avoid harsh, artificial fluorescent light.


The room should be comfortably warm. Unlike more vigorous workouts, yoga slows down your metabolism, making you vulnerable to drafts. (It’s hard to relax into postures when you’re shivering.) The practice of “hot yoga” adds to the physical benefits of the art by making you sweat and release toxins, but even a gentle yoga session should be done in a warm room.

Surrounding sounds

If you use a CD or DVD player during your practice, make sure it’s positioned well away from your workout area. Along with yoga instructional media, look for CDs of natural sounds such as birdsong or Eastern-influenced music, to help center your mind to the spiritual nature of your practice. Some practitioners enjoy low-key classical music, since it helps focus the brain, while others find it distracting. But avoid pop or other upbeat music, which is too energetic.

Try to place your yoga space out of the mainstream of family life. It should be a refuge, not a small island in a sea of chaos. If you can’t dedicate a whole room to your workout, at least try to block it off with a beautiful screen.   I personally love to do yoga outside (weather permitting….I mean, I live in Utah and we have FULL BLOWN WINTER each year!!!)  Eventually, you will find that your mind will automatically start to relax as soon as you enter the space.

If creating your own personal space just isn’t feasible, I would encourage you to try a yoga video or go to a yoga studio to treat yourself once a month.   Doing this will challenge you as well as get that travel time to yourself and time to think.  That is what I did when I was homeschooling my kids and it was heaven just going once a week; it was my meditation time and me time.


I wanted to share with you a post written by Tera on October 19, 2011 –

Stop Yo-Yo Dieting. Get Off The Weight Loss & Dieting Roller Coaster For Good

6 Highly Unusual Ways to Finally Get Off the Diet and Weight Loss Roller Coaster

– by Tera Warner

In keeping with this week’s clever criticisms of the weight loss industry, I have a few more things to get off my chest. ;-)

Here are 6 surefire ways to get off the dieting and weight loss roller coaster for good.


1. Throw Your Scale Away

Your scale is keeping you fat! No question about it.

There is an undeniable, irrefutable, commonly-known and accepted law of the universe which states that:

“What you put your attention on, expands.” || Read more »


I just wanted to comment about you, yes you who are reading this right now! I think you are amazing! I absolutely am so inspired by the amazing gifts and talents you have!

I watch and learn so much from so many people! People are unreal sometimes and what they can create….what goes through their minds!

I just want to celebrate you and want you to know…….You are Good Enough!

I would like to share a secret…..I will share it with you……Her name is Linda Wagner!  She is the bomb!

I just recently found this amazing blog called Nutrition to Invigorate, Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Linda Wagner is one of those people who have a gift to Inspire others to live a more true, happy, and healthy lifestyles!  She is one after my own heart!  She is into nutrition, health, and in living an exceptional life!  If you are going to live why not live TRUE? 🙂

I also love the pics she puts on her blog, they are amazing and are always so uplifting and have always put a smile on my face!  I hope you go visit her and sign up for her sweet emails, she seems to always hit the spot, whether it is healthy food, or inspirational messages, she has one of those gifts like I was talking about.  We all have something amazing to share!

Linda thanks for your inspiration and time you spend on others behalf to share your light and knowledge!

See….you just have to look around and there are some fabulous people out there!  You may not have to go very far to find them…they are most likely in your own home!  You can even look in the mirror and you may find that beautiful person staring at you!

Start believing…..then you will see!

Tips on seeing the beauty inside of you:

-Think nice thoughts about yourself and others
-Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you”
-Speak kind words to yourself and others”
-Have reminders on your mirror about how amazing you are
-Go get a pedicure and go to your health food store and grab some herbal tea, go home, brew it up, then relax and feel the love!
-Serve someone else…..it will put a smile on your face
-Get some sun!  Vitamin D will enhance a happier sense of well being!
-Eat healthy food that tastes beautiful and looks beautiful!  That is one of my favorite things to do is eat beautiful colorful food!
-Celebrate!  Celebrate the smallest successes in your life! When you develop this habit you only attract and create more experiences to celebrate.  Give yourself a pat on the back!  You have been working hard and made it through some tough challenges!  Celebrate life in every moment and you will find that life will be a little sweeter!
-Get some rest and you will be more beautiful!  You know…. “beauty sleep?” If don’t get my sleep, I look like the beast and sometimes I act like one!
-Pray…..get connected with your source!  Your source will direct you in paths of truth and light if you are listening and asking to find them.  You can even ask to help you see your beauty if you can’t see it on your own!

Those are some tips that may help!?

I believe in you and know you can make the efforts to feel the beauty inside of yourselves!

Have an incredibly beautiful day…..inside and out!

Live Healthy!  Live Happy!  Live True!




Pave the way

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Sometimes it is nice to have others do things for you….it always seems easier anyway?  I am going through a time where I want to go to my comfort zone and have others do the hard things for me, but I decided it is my time to pave my own path.  I found a perfect song for what I am experiencing right now.  I hope if you have this same issue you can realize the power and beauty inside of your own body and soul.  I feel that I need to develop my faith in my self muscle to make this path I am embarking on powerful but yet, peaceful.  I am going to pave my own path….I have paved many paths, but they were paths I felt directed and lead to pave.  We need to do it for others, they are waiting for someone to stand. Sometimes we have to be aware and awake enough to see a more narrow path that seems scary but worth the learning and sacrificing for. These kinds of paths are not so easy to pave but very exhilarating when you look back.  I hope when you are at the end of your path that it leads you to truth, happiness, and light!  Have a wonderful time paving!

rj :)

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6 Sure fire Ways To Get Off The Weight Loss & Dieting Roller Coaster For Good!

Posted on Monday, 24th October, 2011

I wanted to share with you a post written by Tera on October 19, 2011 – – 6 Highly Unusual Ways to Finally Get Off the Diet and Weight Loss Roller Coaster – by Tera Warner In keeping with this week’s clever criticisms of the weight loss industry, I have a few more things to […]

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